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White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


Maeng Da is a favorite of millions of kratom users, and Ketum has bottled…


Maeng Da is a favorite of millions of kratom users, and Ketum has bottled this strain in GMP-compliant white jars that ensure a new and secure supplement. You can buy the 750mg capsules of this exquisite strain at our online shop for a competitive price between $14.94 and $ 44.95.

This low price and good quality of the product make it an ideal purchase for new and regular users. White Maeng Da is a blend originating in the Thai kratom forests that provide pain relief while energizing the nerves and preparing you for the day.

The gelatin capsules are all-natural and allergen-free to suit all our consumers. The capsules are available in 30, 60, and 100 per jar. You can avail of this kratom strain to enjoy health benefits without worrying about any impurity or substandard as our lab-tested products are prepared with care and caution. Try the white Maeng Da kratom, and you will return to buy this supplement that is on sale only at our shop!


100ct, 30ct, 60ct

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