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15mg Soft Gel Extract Tabs


New Hush Kratom soft gels. The worlds first Kratom extract gel tabs! Our unique extract blend is suspended in pure safflower oil triglyceride which promotes absorption and bio-availability. Each fast acting gel tab contains 15mg of extract Mitragynine (Kratom) for easy swallowing and no bitter taste!

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Nature may be old but the way we enjoy its bounties can be innovative! Hush Soft Gel Extract Tabs is a new concept as they improve bioavailability while ensuring an easy intake every time!

Enriched with 15mg of pure Mitragynine, the soft gels will give you a burst of stimulation and energy within a short period after consumption. These tabs are an offer you cannot refuse! The safflower oil base and the Non-GMO gel tabs invite everyone to try them as they are free from allergens. These soft gel tabs will invigorate without demanding any time to prepare your kratom dosage. Just open the jar and pop a tab-Shop Ketum’s promise of quick results is on the next level now!


100oct, 30ct, 60ct

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