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Kratom Multi Packs

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Ultra Enhanced 6 Pack

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One of our newest and undisputedly best offer for six-packs of the best quality kratom can you can buy online! We sell not just quality kratom products but ensure freshness and potency, which is unmatched. The Ultra Enhanced 6 Pack contains:

  • Red Devil 10x
  • Super Green 50x
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Yellow Kali, and
  • White Maeng Da

Pick 3 Get 1 FREE 100g Packs


Try the most exquisite extract blends and potent kratom strains that offer multiple benefits for regular and new users. Each bag of kratom in this multi-pack contains 100grams of fresh and smoothly grounded kratom powder from Southeast Asia. Kratom has been a part of the traditional medicine in the tropical region of Southeast Asia, and Ketum brings you the benefits of this botanical supplement in vacuum-sealed packs to improve your lifestyle.

(Tell us your 4 strains in “order notes” at end of order)

Super Red                               White Wild
Green Wild                             Red Elephant
Red Wild                                 Green Elphant
Red Sumatra                         White Elephant
Red Borneo                            Green Borneo
Super Green                          Power Green (Special Blend)
Red Bali                                 White Fire (Special Blend)
Red Dragon                          Green Thai
Green Dragon                      Red Thai
Premium Maneg Da           Green Banjar
Super White                         Red Banjar
Red Horn                             Green Kali
Green Horn                         Yellow Maeng Da
Red Kali                               Yellow Borneo
Yellow Kali                          Yellow Gold
Red Maeng Da                   Green Maeng Da
White Maeng Da

Pick 4 strains 60ct Capsules


Ketum Superior Kratom is not just an online shop but your last stop for quality, efficacy, and freshness to lead your day through! Our Pick 4 Strains capsules, come with the option of choosing four of your favorite kratom strains. Each jar has 60 capsules, which makes it possible for you to buy the best kratom for many months at a discount!

(Tell us your 4 strains in “order notes” at end of order)

Green Bali 60ct Capsules
Green Maeng Da 60ct Capsules
Green Banjar 60ct Capsules
Green Thai 60ct Capsules
Green Malay 60ct Capsules
Super Green 60ct Capsules
Power Green 60ct Capsules
Red Bali 60ct Capsules
Red Borneo 60ct Capsules
Red Maeng Da 60ct Capsules
Yellow Kali 60ct Capsules
Yellow Gold 60ct Capsules
Bentuangie 60ct Capsules
White Maeng Da 60ct Capsules
Super White 60ct Capsules
Red Thai 60ct Capsules

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