Kratom Multi Packs

Kratom Multi Packs

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Sample 4 Pack

The Sample 4 Pack has red, green, yellow, and white kratom strains. Green White and Yellow Maeng Da team up with Red Thai to provide users a complete and potent kratom dosage. Kratom is famous as a stimulant and pain killer.
Sample 4 pack of Red, Green, White and Yellow Kratom strains. 14 grams per bag. One sample pack per order.

Pick 4 strains 30ct Capsules


Powders and capsules are the hot sellers at Ketum, and we want to offer all that you require from an online shop! The Pick 4 Strains 30ct kratom Capsules offer a choice of four strains of your choice. From our exclusive list of kratom strains, you can now pick any four that you wish to try for a new, healthier lifestyle.

(Tell us your 4 strains in “order notes” at end of order)

Green Bali 30ct Capsules
Green Maeng Da 30ct Capsules
Green Banjar 30ct Capsules
Green Thai 30ct Capsules
Green Malay 30ct Capsules
Super Green 30ct Capsules
Power Green 30ct Capsules
Red Bali 30ct Capsules
Red Borneo 30ct Capsules
Red Maeng Da 30ct Capsules
Yellow Kali 30ct Capsules
Yellow Gold 30ct Capsules
Bentuangie 30ct Capsules
White Maeng Da 30ct Capsules
Super White 30ct Capsules
Red Thai 30ct Capsules

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