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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies. View all posts by Jennifer Kurtz

One thought on “7 Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety

  1. Thanks Jennifer for studying the effects of Kratom [we are in dire need of more research in this area]….I discovered Kratom about four years ago & it has been a Blessing in my life. I take small amounts daily – the list of positives [1] helps w/ back pain issues [2] Mood & energy levels are elevated… & one unexpected positive-My desire for alcohol is non existent. Negatives [1] Sex drive has dissipated to some degree [I am getting older/60 year old male] [2] Cost is a minor issue… One thing that bothers me a lot is quality issues [never sure what I’m actually taking]…Once Again THANK YOU Jennifer!!!!!!

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