2-Way Split

2-Way Split

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2 Way Split 1/2 Kilo


(Tell us your 2 strains in “order notes” at end of order)

Super Red                              White Wild
Green Wild                            Red Elephant
Red Wild                                 Green Elphant
Red Sumatra                         White Elephant
Red Borneo                            Green Borneo
Super Green                          Power Green (Special Blend)
Red Bali                                 White Fire (Special Blend)
Red Dragon                          Green Thai
Green Dragon                      Red Thai
Premium Maeng Da          Green Banjar
Super White                         Red Banjar
Red Horn                             Green Kali
Green Horn                         Yellow Maeng Da
Red Kali                               Yellow Borneo
Yellow Kali                          Yellow Gold
Red Maeng Da                   Green Maeng Da
White Maeng Da

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